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Tim Wittman - Ode to the Enchantress - Guardian of the Sea © / 08 March 2010 / Folk
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"Ode to the Enchantress - Guardian of the Sea" lyrics

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Ode to the Enchantress

Guardian of the Sea

Tim Wittman©2010



Where do you lay your weary head?

Where lay your body down?

Amid the crash of wrecking ball

You sink into the sound.

Is this a fitting legacy

Of one so strong and proud?

The mighty tug Enchantress

Sweet friend of Puget Sound.


Verse – 1


The mighty Tug Enchantress

Rides high in majesty.

Guardian of those who draw a living

From the sea.

Cargo ships and tankers

Log booms of coastal trees.

The mighty tug Enchantress

Guardian of the sea.




Verse – 2


One hundred twenty feet

She glides.

From upright bow to stern.

Her pilot house an eagles nest

While ocean currents churn.

Escorting precious cargo

Freighter, barges, old and new,

Kept safe from hostile forces

At the height of World War Two.




Verse – 3


Waters of Lake Union

Ballard Locks, Alaska, too.

She journeyed to Padilla Bay

Left by who knows who.

Tied to rotting pilings

Sometimes covered by the tide

Though we called for preservation

Only few stood by her side.




Verse – 4


The ship is just an eyesore

Poisoning our view.

She could be leaking oil and fuel

Toxic hazards, too.

They should have hung her on a cross

As we plead her case in vain.

Till’ the wrecking ball came crashing down

She was never seen again.






About my song

The Enchantress was a mighty tug who sailed during WWII, and served in ports of Alaska and Washington State. During her later years, she was towed and abandoned, tied to rotting pilings, finally becoming the subject of controversy over what to do with her. A small group of people worked hard to save her from destruction, but lost out in the cause.  The Enchantress was finally destroyed, never to be seen again. This song attempts to keep her memory alive and offer a bit of thanks for the service she provided during times of peace and war.