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Tim Wittman - The Yodeling Fishermen © / 26 November 2011 / Folk
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"The Yodeling Fishermen" lyrics

The Yodeling Fishermen©2011, Tim Wittman

Ve’ fish for cod & halibut
Salmon, flounder too.
Save the cods for lutefisk
The rest for de BBQ
Drop the nets and pull um’ tight
Tender makes de loop
And when the fish dey slide aboard
We sing Yoda Lay ee Hoo!

Ol’ Sven & Ole fished all day
And never got a bite
Droppin’ net or draggin line
Dey fished all day and night.
Lena’s gonna have a fit!
Ol’ Sven was downright blue
So he spit his snoose and then cut loose
With a big Yoda Lay ee Hoo!
Da fish dey was a schoolin’
Cuz they heard the yodel call.
The net floats all were sinkin’
More fish than they could haul.
And Ole grinned from ear to ear
A rugged toothless smile
And when they brought the fish to port
You could hear them sing for miles!

About my song

This is a fun little song about 2 Norwegian fishermen, living in the Pacific Northwest, down on their luck, and discouraged. In frustration, they begin to yodel. Lo and behold the fish come by the thousands, filling their nets and saving Sven’s bacon from Lena’s reprisal! Enjoy! Tim Wittman