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Robert Page

Robert Page


Robert Page was born in Michigan. He was a natural when it came to the arts. He is the Great Grandson of Arthur Keller a famous painter who is in the hall of fame and painted for many including Charles Dickens. Robert studied piano under a concert piano and organist Dave Mcbride. Robert’s natural talents were developed at Seaholm high School, MI. the same school Tim Allen the actor got his start. Robert played the lead role in the musical production Grease. He always sang in the top choirs and ensembles throughout his school years. He Performed a concert with Jeff Thurman (A writer for Amy Grant). Robert went on to be a piano tuner, tuned for musicians like Bill Gaither and the Cathedrals. Robert now has a strong emphasis on Christian and inspirational music. Mr. Page has the opportunity to work with Dr. Tim Fisher a well known accomplished music arranger. Roberts dream is to record his music with a full symphony one day soon. He has been inspired by Josh Groban and has written songs in that Genre. Robert has been writing music since he was 7 years old and has the ability to write a song on the spot anytime anywhere and can write in several different styles and genres. He has produced many media presentations for non-profit organizations. Had some Radio exposure, written for stage. Robert worked as a media director with JD Comm. In SC. Currently, Robert is working on a motion picture screenplay, two books and hopes to be published soon. His passion is to inspire others through his Christian music. He enjoys teaching Piano and is the music director at his Church in Scranton PA. He owns a professional project studio in his home and loves to record. “I must remember that God is the one who gave me my talents”. Robert gets much of his inspiration from life’s trials, but testifies of God’s Grace in the thick of it all! He has received much support from his parents. Robert’s music hasinspired many through the years and he hopes to reach many more before the end of his life.



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